Day 1-3. Moscow

I have not been to Moscow since April 2018 - not that long ago. Yet I see that it has become more beautiful and people-friendly. My American friend was here 5 years ago, and he is saying that the improvements are amazing. Gorgeous city! The streets are immaculately clean, old historical houses are in great shape, and new architecture is stunning. Lots of places to sit down and rest, some looking like a no-touch exposition, like this green bench in a major street.

Moscow bench

In Mayakovsky Square, in the downtown of Moscow, they installed public swings that quickly became most popular both as a playground for parents and children, as well as for pedestrians of all ages taking a stroll through the Square.


In Moscow, they have introduced car share - an amazing development in the city where not so long ago you could find windshield wipers or even wheels stolen from your car. Car share members find a nearby vehicle on their smartphone application, take it and drive where they need, paying for the mileage far less than they would have paid for a taxi.

car share

As for the food, you can find whatever you want and for any budget. Here is the lunch I had at a fast food place the day I arrived: smoked salmon for appetizer, Borsch soup, Chantillon mashroom baked with potatoes under sower cream sauce, Kvas (a traditional Russian non-alcoholic beverage made with fermented rye bread). Total cost $8.

moscow lunch

Now, if your budget permits, there are amazingly beautiful restaurants offering the authentic Russian cuisine.

This is Restaurant "Yar" founded in 1826. Among its patrons were famous Russian writers Checkhov, Tolstoy, Gilyarovsky and scores of other celebrities of 19th century, including Grigori Rasputin. An 90-minute show makes it quite an attraction for tourists. A fine dinner is about $60 per person.


Another exclusive place to partake of great Russian dishes in a quiet and nobly posh surroundings is the restaurant at the ancient St. Daniel Monastery.


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