Day 4. Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhni Novgorod

The drive was very smooth. The highway is in great shape, albeit only two lanes. Yet, no major traffic jams.We stopped for lunch in Vladimir, an ancient almost a thousand-year old Russian city and a gem in the Golden Ring of Russia tourist route.

assumption golden gate

Assumption Cathedral. Golden Gate.

Beautiful scenic views from a hill in the beginning of the city. To comfortably park, we took our minivan to a parking lot of a restaurant, which turned out to have excellent Russian food. Besides, it has a balcony overlooking the valley - gorgeous sight!

view church

Scenic view of Vladimir valley

Right in the downtown, there are shopping stores and several private museums - a novelty, allowing enterprising citizens preserve cultural heritage and make a few dollars from hordes of tourists. We chose to visit the Pryanik Museum, presenting a Russian biscuit making tradition since the 13th century. Nice cozy little museum, very well arranged and offering a 40-minute excursion, plus a cup of tea with Pryanik and even a master class in decorating these tasty honey biscuits.

pryanik guide

PRYANIK - officially translated as "gingerbread biscuit", yet with no ginger in it. So it should rather be "honeybread biscuit". On the right: our charming museum guide.

Having spent 3 hours in Vladimir, we hit the road again to take a few memento pictures on the way.

apples vobla

Apples and pears. Vobla - cured and dried fish, favorite Russian snack with beer.


Roadside cafeteria


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