Day 5. Kazan - Ufa

Good road, good weather, good mood. We are doing miles telling stories, cracking jokes, talking about..hmm... What do you think four men in a car would talk about during hours of driving? Yes, you guessed right. Politics and women. Lots of disputes on the former, and full consensus on the latter.

We arrived in Ufa relatively early in the day and found Hilton full of elderly people in sportive outfits. It turned out the city was hosting an all-Russia Retirees Olympic Games, with hundreds of participants from all over the country, as well as teams from GB, Germany, Poland, Finland. We chatted with them at breakfast, and they were very happy to talk with us about their achievements in chess, track and field, shooting etc. All took lots of pictures. What amazed me was that all costs for the retirees' travel, accommodation and board were paid for by the Russian Union of Pensioners (Retirees). Good developments indeed.

sports chess

To explore the city, we hired a taxi and asked the driver what Ufa was famous for. Immediately, he named Bashkir bee honey, which is indeed famous all over Russia. Anything else? - I asked. The question seemed to have puzzled him. After a few moments of recalling, he mentioned the monument to Salavat Ulaev, an 18-century Bashkir national hero and poet. Then he recalled that there was an gorgeous embankment along the Belaya River yet under construction, so come back in a few years to admire it. That was basically it, he could not think of anything else. He let us off in a central city square with a picturesque fountain of five bronze women, unfortunately fully clothed.

fountain salavat

At dinner, we noticed that tea was served in different tea pots and learned from the waiter that the one with the bent nose is for regular tea, while the one with the straight nose is for herbal tea. Always there is something new to find out!



Conclusion: Bashkir honey is good, but one day in Ufa is enough .

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