Day 6. Chelyiabinsk - Ishim

The road is OK, but two lanes only, and that slows our advancement. Which is OK, as we ride and watch the woods interspersing with wheat fields and meadows.

Practically no villages along the route. Not too many gas stations either - but apparently enough to provide fuel to thousands of vehicle passing through every day. We stop at one of them in the middle of nowhere to buy coffee. We self-serve it from a fancy coffee machine making all kinds of coffee, from espresso to capuccino.

Correction: in fact, we are not in the middle of nowhere, we are in the middle of West Siberia. Now, a little education about Siberia. Siberia consists of West Siberia and East Siberia, also known as the Far East. Siberia begins immediately east from the Ural Mountains and stretches to the Pacific Ocean. Its territory is 25% larger than that of the United States including Alaska. The word Siberia is attributed to Marco Polo, who in the 13th century picked it up from local tribes. At that time it sounded as "sib-arh" which meant "lakes and rivers".

The highway is not so good anymore, yet not too bad either. Road repairs are underway in several places. Very few vendors along the way.

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  • We arrive in Ishim rather late when it is getting dark. Our drive through the city showed drab houses and uneven narrow streets. The hotel was OK, though. We talked to the local about life in Ishim: they said that the city is dying, jobs are decreasing, and people are leaving the place for more prosperous developing cities. The only landmark is the monument to Petr Ershov, author of the fairy tale poem "The Little Humpback Horse" all RUssian children used to grow up with.
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