Day 7. Ishim - Omsk

The weather and road are back to normal, and it feels good. Not much to write about the ride - still endless woods and wheat fields.

The city of Omsk, however, looks great. Broad streets, large squares with lots of flowers, shiny church cupolas, well dressed people. It is sometimes called "the third capital of Russia".

The Mother of God Assumption Cathedral

Very interesting memorial plaques on historical buildings.

plaque1  plaque2
20th century building of the Coal Mining Company Board.    Ministry of Land Husbandry and Colonization the Russian Government

Among other Omsk streets named after all kind of revolutionaries, as well monuments to those who fought the bolsheviks.

street  kolchak
Street after Rabinovich, a 1917 Bolshevik revolutionary. Monument to Admiral Kolchak, who killed thousands of Bolsheviks in 1918.

Although I intentionally do not name hotels and restaurants on the route, I cannot help mentioning the two we visited in Omsk. Hotel "Malibu" amazed us all with cleanness, size and luxury of the rooms, and excellent service. Another round of applauds to restaurant "Base" - perfect setting, great food.

Standard room at "Malibu"

base deer
Dinner at "Base".      For some reason, the Omsk dwellers have installed several monuments to elks. Why not? They look fine.


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