Day 8, 9. Omsk - Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a very big, good looking and comfortable city. Its population is strikingly young. We were fortunate to arrive in good weather, and delighted in broad avenues, colorful squares with fountains and joyful people in the streets. It was also good time to take a break and stop for two nights.

Opera Theater. View from our hotel.

fountain2  fountains
Beautiful, isn't it!

railway museum  dance
Railway Museum.                                                  People dancing in the street.

The world's only monument to Laboratory Mouse weaving a DNA spiral. Science campus "Akademgorodok".

Another very unusual monument to Students' Cheatsheet. Science Campus "Akademgorodok". Did you cheat at school exams?

City Mayor election campaign. Young candidate Natalia.


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