Day 10. Novosibirsk - Kemerovo

Kemerovo surprised us. The outskirts are almost like slums, but as you proceed to the central part of the city, it become more and more attractive and festive. Founded as a small coal mining town over a hundred years ago, it still is a big city of miners with almost 700 000 people in it nowadays. The embankment of the the River Tom' ("m" is pronounced softly) is stunningly beautiful, as the square and street connecting to it.

Tom River 
Tom River view from the embankment

The downtown has many funny and nice kind sculptures, it is so comforting to see that there are artists who create things like that, and city administrators who allow those sculptures to be installed in the downtown.

cradle  smile
Cradle - love and cherish your children.                  Smile with me!

ww2  volkov
Soldier's Waltz                                                  Mikchailo Volkov, discoverer of Kemerovo coal.

And this a very unusual, moving and perhaps the only one in the world monument to Homeless Dog. The inscription says, "Humans, don't avert your eyes from homeless dogs, they need the warmth of your hands. Do not abandon those who love you!"



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